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Day 13 – Apr 1st: From Scottsdale AJs to Seligman Sundries

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A piece of eWillys is now a part of Route 66 history at Seligman Sundries

We began our day by replenishing our food supplies. Unlike our trip to the East Coast last summer (we each gained ten pounds), we’ve been more careful about what we eat. This has meant many light dinners of good cheese, smoked meats and some crackers. Since Ann shouldn’t eat cows milk (beef protein sensitive since a baby), we’ve been shopping for goat and sheep cheese. Since AJs Fine Foods, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods are good sources of that cheese (and close together in Scottsdale), we decided we’d better stock up so we’d have dinner for the next few days.


Today we drove from Phoenix to Kingman.

After our shopping was done, we drove toward Mayer, AZ, where I’d learned about a place called Arcosanti. Below is an example photo of the place and more images here. I thought it warranted a closer look.


I wanted to drop by Arcosonti, but we accidentally passed it.

For some reason, I thought this unusual development was outside Mayer, Arizona. It turns out it is near the intersection of I-17 and Hwy 69, which we’d already passed. So, we ended up touring Mayer for a short time before resuming our trek north to Route 66.

But, it wasn’t all for naught, as we did find this collection of odd vehicles just before Mayer. There’s a couple jeeps among some vintage trucks.


A lineup of trucks overlooking the freeway.


A wagon and a truck just to the left.


An M-38A1.

We soon found ourselves in Chino Valley, where I spotted this collection of vehicles. Based on what I see I believe all five are Austin Champs, like the vehicles I bought and, fortunately, sold a few years ago. I just check Google Map’s satellite view, but had no luck as they don’t appear on it.


Austin Champs in Chino Valley.

From Chino Valley, we drove north until we turned east on I-40. Soon we found a Route 66 exit and began to get our kicks on Route 66.


A sign that greeted us as we exited Interstate 40.


Rather than towns and signs, much of Route 66 along this part of the road looks like this.

The first town we arrived at, Seligman, Arizona, showed great some promise, as a CJ-2A, or what is left of one, guarded the entrance to the town.


From there, we barely entered town before we happened upon a yellow Willys Wagon in front of Seligman Sundries that I’d photographed in Chino Valley last year.

2014-04-01-seligman-sundries4 2014-04-01-seligman-sundries1

After taking some photos, we went inside where we met Frank and Lynne, the owners. Also in the store was Heinz, a 68 year-old Austrian biking from Miami to San Francisco. He’s on day 35. Today couldn’t have been an easy ride, because the wind was blowing hard from the west!


To the left is Frank and behind the counter is Lynne. Behind me is Heinz, an Austrian biking from Miami to San Francisco.

I asked Frank and Lynne about their wagon. They explained that a couple years ago Frank found a neighbor’s dog caught up in barbed wire. He freed the dog, rushed it to the nearest vet an hour away, and paid for the vet bill. The dog’s owner asked Frank if he’d take the Wagon, which was all apart, as compensation. Frank agreed, then had a repair shop in Chino Valley reassemble it (it was just nearing completion when I photographed it last year). Frank drives the wagon every day.


Last winter, Frank bought a second jeep, a modified 1948 CJ-2A, which he plans to position near the wagon at his store. If you want to learn more about Seligman’s Sundries, visit them on Facebook or check out their website.


After we exchanged stories and some pics, Frank had me sign an eWillys t-shirt that now hangs from the ceiling to commemorate our visit. So, if you are driving on I-40 near Seligmann, stop off, check out their shop, and see a bit of eWillys memorabilia that is now a permanent part of Route 66 🙂

IMG_9840 2014-04-01-frank-seligman

Here are a few more pics of the near things we saw on our Route 66 journey.

2014-04-01-route66-signs1 2014-04-01-route66-signs2 2014-04-01-route66-signs3 2014-04-01-route66-signs4 2014-04-01-route66-signs5 2014-04-01-route66-signs6

Tonight we’ll be staying in Kingman, Arizona. Tomorrow we’ll see more of 66, then head south a little, before leaving Arizona behind.

<– Day 12 – Mar. 31st: Stagecoaches and a Glass Desert | OVERVIEW | Day 14 Apr. 2nd: It is Cold, Windy and Raining . . . This is the Mohave Desert? –>


6 Comments on “Day 13 – Apr 1st: From Scottsdale AJs to Seligman Sundries

  1. Colin Peabody

    I’m glad you have enjoyed your visit to Arizona, even with all wind the last couple of days. Did you get to visit with the burros in Oatman?


  2. Joe in Mesa

    That red, white, and blue Rt 66 themed Chevy was a featured build on Count’s Customs. It’s gorgeous.
    I feel bad for Heinz: hasn’t he heard of the prevailing westerly winds? He should have taken that bike route from San Francisco TO Miami, not the other way around.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Colin: We head to Oatman today after the Route 66 museum.
    Joe: Heinz seems to be enjoying himself despite the winds. He’s had a good time meeting people.

  4. Andrew Bowen

    Thank you for finding my heaven on earth. That place with all the vintage trucks would keep me happy for eterinty.

  5. Frank Kocevar

    Great to have you visit. We look forward to talking more to you about Willy’s. Thanks for contributing the shirt. Enjoy your travels. Frank and Lynne.

  6. John Hartman

    Spectacular post. So colorful and entertaining. Frank’s jeeps look great.

    Parks, landscape, oddities, history, Americana. If you authored a book of your travels, you may make the best sellers list.


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