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Friday April 17th — Art Fair in Alamogordo, NM

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Thursday night I came down with a light cold (or something), so I took it easy yesterday. By the evening I felt good enough to jjoin Ann and her uncle Fred for a visit Alamogordo’s art fair. Fred is president of Otero County’s STEM program. He and his wife are also deeply involved in First Robotics and judge robotic competitions all over the country. As leader of Otero Stem, he organized a demonstration at the art fair. It gave the kids a chance to show off the their robots to the public and Fred and the other leaders introduced STEM to many parents who attended the fair.


Fred and I loading the high school kids’ robot.


The Junior High School aged kids robot is on the left.


Fred’s always in trouble with the police :-)


There are as many girls as boys involved in the Otero program. Both Fred and Cindy are Mechanical Engineers and worked for Boeing. So, they believe in Engineering as a career.

While we were at the fair, Smokey Bear stopped by for a visit. Why would Smoke Bear be attending the event? I’ll save that for Monday’s update.

On Saturday I’ll probably just spend the day in bed recuperating and more clearly sketching out our Texas travels.


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