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Day 20 – Fri. May 1st: Luckenbach, Texas

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Ann and I checking out Luckenbach, Texas. We didn’t see Waylon, Willie, or any of their boys.

After a good night’s sleep at James’ B&B, we took a few photos and hit the road. Our first stop was downtown to meet up with James. We both got so busy that we hadn’t had a chance to meet in person.


James strongly recommended that on our way to Kerrville, where we planned to hold up for a couple days, that we stop by Luckenbach, Texas. Of course, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson made the town famous in their song. That was all Ann or I knew of the town, so we were all in for that adventure.

We made a quick stop in Fredericksburg at the Nimitz portion of the National Museum of the Pacific and learned about Nimitz’s early life. However it was too dark to get any photos inside. We settled for some photos of us operating artillery.

2015-05-01-museum2 2015-05-01-museum1

Luckenbach is only six miles or so south of Fredericksburg, It didn’t take us long to get there. After some confusion about where Luckenbach was, we finally figured out (with some help) that the main loop into the town was closed for a bike rally, so we had to park nearby and walk to the town.


To call Luckenbach a town is a stretch, as it is really just a former post office with a dance hall. But, on a day with a bunch of bikers hanging out listening to live music, it was a great opportunity to see how Luckenbach had become famous as a destination.


This former post office now sells t-shirts and other trinkets. Cool old building with lots of names carved on the outside.


Big shade trees were everywhere. Straight ahead was the mess hall where you could get fair-type of food.


These are the main bathrooms. Just to the right is the bandstand.


Here’s the band. It was a great setting for music.

We grabbed a little food, found a picnic table and listened to music for about an hour. Ann took some photos. While she was snapping away she heard two men strike up a conversation about Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She eves-dropped and learned both men served there. She butted in and told them that she had served there too. They looked at her and she explained that she’d been blown up there. Apparently, they had left just prior to the bombing. Small world! They swapped stories for a while.

Everyone was friendly and having a good time. The crowd was awaiting the arrival of a large group of bikers. Apparently, that’s when the party was really going to start.


To the right of the band was this hat store (pic above). There wasn’t much else for sale in Luckenbach, but I guess hats are very important there.


This rooster sat in a tree crowing along with the music. He was right above the people sitting at the picnic benches in front of the band. He seemed to be enjoying himself. I don’t think it was the first party he’s attended!

Eventually it was time for us to go. As we walked to the car, the band broke into the Luckenbach song as if to bid us adieu. It’s our world, so we liked to think it was for us 🙂

From Luckenbach, we traveled backroads until we reached Kerrville and the YO Hotel and Resort. For some reason Priceline gave us two nights there at a killer price.

Saturday will be a day of rest and re-organization. We need to plan out the remainder of the trip as much as we can. Sunday we’ll head into Austin (much cheaper rooms versus the weekend rates) and begin to work our way down through San Marcos to San Antonio.

<– Day 19 – Thu. Apr. 30th: Texas Justice, Pacific War, & a Comfy Bed  | TRIP OVERVIEW | Day 21 – Sat. May 2nd: Ingram Rocks, but Kerrville Robots –>


8 Comments on “Day 20 – Fri. May 1st: Luckenbach, Texas

  1. Idaho Todd

    Sounds like the trip is going good so far. No flat tires or breakdowns… and no reports of BBQ for 2 days! Oh Dave, when your in the south traveling, it about ebbqs just as much as ewillys! I do like that old post office. Is Ann wearing black? Isn’t she cooking? What is the temp down there? Now those are the big guns. Nice chicken. You should of grabbed him and dipped him in BBQ sauce! I’m excited to hear about San Antonio… and bbq. I’m hungry…

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    It’s true, we have not had any true bbq since Coopers. We are saving our next BBQ binge for Austin. We actually eat pretty light on the road. At home I am an eggs & bacon man in the morning and a full dinner in the evening. On the road we eat maybe one full meal a day, usually in the evening. It makes traveling cheaper and requires less bathroom breaks. We actually loose weight while traveling.

    An additional challenge is Ann’s allergies to the beef protein and gluten, which have flared up in the last couple of years. So, we pick and choose where to eat so that she won’t be too tempted to eat that stuff.

    Ann is wearing black. The temperatures have been an ideal 80-85 degrees. It’s been perfect for traveling.

    I’m thinking that grabbing and dipping that chicken would have raised the ire of the locals. Last thing I need is to be bodily thrown out of Luckenbach!! With brainstorms like that I bet you got Chris into all kinds of trouble 🙂

  3. Idaho Todd

    Dangit Dave, your right (again)! Plus, think of how many feathers would have got into that delicious sauce. I need to think things through a little more…

  4. Allen Forrester

    Dave and Ann, welcome to the great state of Texas!

    I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as I enjoyed my visit to your northwest area. The Columbia River Gorge area and the waterfalls were spectacular!

    The San Antonio River Walk is certainly one of my favorite Texas places. Hotels on the River Walk are quite pricey, but there is a really neat restored old hotel that is only one block away and is reasonably priced. It’s the O’Brien Hotel on Navarro Street.

    Be sure to take the boat tour, Then find a great dinner at the many, many restaurants along the river. For Mexican food, Casa Rio is pretty doggone lip-lapping awesome and very reasonably priced.

  5. Mom

    Allen, I have a sudden desire to go on a river walk and dine at the Casa Rio. I may have to go down to our local river, the Cedar River, and do a slow stroll myself. May have a problem finding an equal to your Mexican restaurant. The Pacific Northwest is a bit of a jaunt to Texas, however. Dang!

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Why yes we are losing weight (says the man carrying around a pecan pie and a tub of cool whip — but I’m eating small pieces. that counts, right??). My wife says everything is bigger in Texas, even the calories. lol.

    Mom, I have to agree. Allen sold me with ‘doggone lip-lapping awesome’ 🙂

    Thanks for the welcome Allen. We’ve enjoyed warm hospitality everywhere we’ve been. I just looked up Casa Rio and the place looks like a treat: . We’ll be down in San Antonio mid week next week.

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