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1956 DJ-3A Austin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

The 0-8 speedometer, windshield, tail lights, and some other parts look original. It’s been converted to 4WD axles. This is 50 units after my DJ-3A Rusty.

1956-dj3a-austin-tex6 1956-dj3a-austin-tex7 1956-dj3a-austin-tex8 1956-dj3a-austin-tex9

“Willys 1956 dj-3a with title. This willys is very complete for it’s age.
I am willing to trade for a 1976-1983 Jeep CJ5.

This Willys started life as a 2wd. Prior owner cut out firewall and welded in a firewall from a 4wd. Front and rear axles are both from a 4wd M38.

Front and rear axle/diffs are complete. It rolls really well. This is a roller. No engine, transmission, or transfer case. I never had them.

I have owned this for 5 years and still have not gotten around to fully restoring it. I am slowly doing work to it though.

I repaired and reinstalled the original front bumper a couple days ago. The bumper is painted in primer. The rear bumper is new and is painted in primer as well.

I had the only couple major rust spots repaired when I bought it. Numerous coats and colors of paint are flaking all over frame and body. Frame is in great shape. No rust rot and the frame is straight. All floors appear to be solid.

Front Seats Frames are in good condition but they need to be recovered, rear seat looks to be home made.

Clutch pad and linkages are Installed and complete. Brake pad, cup rod, and cylinders are all installed. Most of the brake line are still run through body and are not corroded. Throttle pedal and the linkage is all there (not installed). Fuel lines are run, there is no gas tank though. The original wiring harness is still in the vehicle and it appears that most of the connections are still intact. Parking brake handle works, needs new cable though. Comes with both drive shafts and The remaining clutch parts that connect to the tranny. The steering linkage is complete and correct, I repaired the steering and drag link recently. Bell crank needs two new bearings. The steering components are painted in primer.

The rims are 16″ rims. Tires hold air to move it around. One of the tires definitely needs to be replaced. Comes with the spare tire carrier attached.

Transmission cover and a tranny stick shift come with this as well.

Comes with new in boxes: dash headlight switch, some new brake lines, horn contact sensor.

Windshield moves to both positions with ease. The lights on the vehicle are intact. Glass covers on front turn signals appear to be original

Was in a barn for 25 years prior to me owning it. I’ve had it in a garage for 5 years.”


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