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1941 Giant Jeep Train Article in Colliers

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This April 5, 1941, article in Colliers puzzled me. Through it, the author referred to a train as a “Giant Jeep”. I’ve never run across a reference before or after that time of a train being called a jeep. The article never mentions any reference to the newly created 1/4 ton vehicles, whose ‘jeep’ name was still catching on in the press. It also does not indicate where/why the jeep name for the train originated.




2 Comments on “1941 Giant Jeep Train Article in Colliers

  1. Mark Smith

    Dave, the designation GP or Geep was a name given to Electro Motive Diesel companies line of diesel train engines. EMD was later purchased by General Motors and the later models that I remember were always referred to as Geep’s. I think others just mistakenly use the term Jeep for these diesel engines.



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