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Newfoundland 2019 (Or Rust)

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The NF Trip 2019 (Or Rust) | Day 2 Aug 3rd: Newfoundland Found, First Group Camp –>


Russ (at the wagon) and Joe Bee’s CJ-3B are filling up for their meeting with the group.

Over the last couple of days a group of intrepid explorers–tough, thoughtful, highly trained, without fear, able to withstand the worst summer conditions–have set out for the wilds of Newfoundland, Canada. Many of these brave souls participated in the 2017 Alaska Or Rust trip.

Having survived western Canada two years ago, they are ready to join forces once again to explore the wilds of eastern Canada. They are equipped only with the latest techo gadgets, GPS locators, and A/C units in their trailers, along with healthy doses of humor,  Some are in classic jeeps and others in modern ones, but all have joined to share in the goal of adventure, friendship, and camaraderie.


This is a rough estimate of the Newfoundland trip. I don’t know what the final route will be.

Together, they’ll be exploring the other worldly area of Newfoundland, places with strange names, such as the unique town of Dildo, where they might just get a photo with Captain Dildo … yes, I kid you not.


Ann and I will not be joining them on this trip, so I’ll do my best to keep folks up-to-date on their travels. In fact, I haven’t been involved in the planning process, so I’ll only be learning where they are going as they travel. I also don’t know who all the participants will be.

Naturally, a trip like this can’t begin without some last minute heroics. This year’s award goes to Joe Bee, who worked his butt off to finish up engine and brake upgrades to Russ Lawton’s Wagon.


Bill Reiss also spent time checking over his Dually CJ-5, which turned out to be a good idea, as he discovered a tire-popper in one of his tires.




Jim Fowler will be joined by he-who-shall-not-be-named, a man who does not exist on social media, which begs the question, does he exist at all? I’m sure the crew will have plenty of time to reflect on the deeper meaning of this …. so let’s just call this man of mystery ‘Kelvin’.

Jim has already worked out the kinks in his jeep-trailer setup, so he was ready to go (I think he’s been ready since about 2017 for another trip). Rumor has it Jim and Kelvin even tested out some cocktails on their first night of camping.



Merlin’s all packed and ready to join them for part of the trip.2019-newfoundland-trip2

Cowboy and Donna Ogle, along with Scott and Kathy Jo Ingram, have also started east to join the crew.


It should be a fun trip for them; we wish them all the success.

The NF Trip 2019 (Or Rust) | Day 2 Aug 3rd: Newfoundland Found, First Group Camp –>


7 Comments on “Newfoundland 2019 (Or Rust)

  1. Bob in nc

    I used to sell a Krugger mill in corner Brook lots and lots of waste paper. They would send their rolls of recycled content newsprint rolls to the Philadelphia inquirer. After rolls were unloaded, bales of the waste paper were loaded and brought back to corner Brook. Same thing happened in Richmond and Baltimore.

    But if your going to Newfoundland, now’s the Time to go.

  2. farmer john

    dildo is a town in newfoundland — ok ? — I’ll take your word for it — save me a google search !! — lots of funny names on the road — the towns of fruita and loma , near grand junction , Colorado , fruita the loma , hahaha — how bout ennis , montana ?? — saw the sign for it in north-east Idaho one time , I think its south of butte , montana ? — truth or consequences , new mexico ? — Pahrump , Nevada ? — weed , California ? , I was just there a few weeks ago , got the t-shirt — saw some good old willys in that town …

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