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Arps’ Blackhawk Snow Plow

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UPDATE: This post from 2013 originally consisted of a brochure from eBay, but for this update I’ve added some additional brochures and Tom’s video showing how he uses the Blackhawk snow plow in Northern Wisconsin. The Arps Corportation manufactured these plows out of New Holstein, Wisconsin. Near the end of the video he shows how he mounts the plow and manual adjusts the angle using a chain.

arps-blackhawk-snowplows1-lores arps-blackhawk-snowplows2-lores

Prices as of 1948:


Other material:


These two brochures were sold on an eBay auction in 2020:

arps-snow-plow-brochure1 arps-snow-plow-brochure2

These 2011 pics from this plowsite thread show a Blackhawk V plow:

blackhawk-v-plow0 blackhawk-v-plow1 blackhawk-v-plow2 blackhawk-v-plow3 blackhawk-v-plow4

And, there’s this 1937 brochure from ARPS showing a pre-war plow:

1937-arps-blackhawk-plow-brochure01 1937-arps-blackhawk-plow-brochure0 1937-arps-blackhawk-plow-brochure1 1937-arps-blackhawk-plow-brochure2


3 Comments on “Arps’ Blackhawk Snow Plow

  1. Eric Kalamaja

    That’s the exact plow setup that was on my 46 CJ2A. I sold it to a guy to get a jeep. Kind of a three way deal. When the third person delivered the plow the guy cussed me up and down saying the plow came off a tractor and was not for a jeep. Now I have a plow for a jeep just like this one and need to pay for a jeep I traded already. Third party guy is real cool about this and working with me. Gotta love good people. There are some still out there.

  2. glennstin

    Arps Corp. also marketed a snowmobile conversion for Fords in the early 30’s used mostly by RFD Mail Carriers. Somewhere I have a folder about it. These snowmobiles attachments were a little different from The Snowmobile Corp. of New Hampshire units for Model T Fords. The Ebay listing now says, “ENDED”, darn it.

  3. Bob innc

    Plowing snow with blade turned to one side in my 3b you could easily push around a couple inches of wet snow. Lots more dry snow. But plowing snow with my 64 Willy’s wagon I can move about twice what the 3b can handle.

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