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1952 4 Wheel Drive Booklet

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 UPDATE: A revised version of the 4 Wheel Drive “How to” booklet can be viewed here.

I would guess this is an early 1952 booklet. The “W” shown on the back likely puts it after the big push in 1952 to shift towards the Willys marketing umbrella, but not late enough to list the 1953 475 model truck.




3 Comments on “1952 4 Wheel Drive Booklet

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I’m pretty sure we are all copy cats at this point 🙂 … I’ve gotten plenty of cool items based on ebay links I’ve been sent.

  2. Brian

    A little info on the range of dates for this brochure: I have one of these from the 1953 3B my grandpa bought in June 53. It came in a packet with the owners manual , service policy, owner ID card and receipt. Cool little booklet.

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