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1957(?) How to Use 4 Wheel Drive Booklet

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This 4 Wheel Drive Booklet was likely produced between 1955-1957. An accompanying order form (seen at the bottom) suggests it was likely a 1957. The booklet was assigned form W-640. It’s not in the best of shape, but it also wasn’t very expensive.

The is a much better version of this booklet as compared to the earlier version from 1952.

1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-01-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-02-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-03-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-04-lores

1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-05-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-06-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-07-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-08-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-09-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-10-lores 1957-form-w-604-how-to-use-4-wheel-drive-11-lores

This order form was included in the booklet above.



2 Comments on “1957(?) How to Use 4 Wheel Drive Booklet

  1. The Roads Must Roll

    HOW TO USE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE BOOKLET ? –> ANSWER –> YOU READ IT –> AND GROK IT –> AS MY NEIGHBOR ROBERT A HEINLEIN USED TO SAY — I have one of like this n.o.s. — these contain a lot of real good , common sense info on using the 4 wheel drive — DONT ATTEMPT THE IMPOSSIBLE !!

  2. Blaine

    I have one of these that came with the owners manual in an envelope which belonged to my grandfather when he bought his new 1957 FC 170. No order form though. I wish had the Jeep.

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