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Bros Rotary Sno-Flyr Snow Blower

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Originally several different posts, this post aggregates some of the Bros Rotary Sno-Flyr brochures.



This was from circa 1955:

bros-rotary-sno-flyer-snowblower-a66j-lores-1 bros-rotary-sno-flyer-snowblower-a66j-lores-2


This is a slightly different brochure:

bros-rotary-snow-plow-a66cw-lores-1 bros-rotary-snow-plow-a66cw-lores-2

Apparently, the company also sold sidewalk Sno-Flyrs, too. This brochure is from 1957.

1957-bros-sno-flyr-brochure-sidewalk1 1957-bros-sno-flyr-brochure-sidewalk2

This may be a working example (from this post):


4 Comments on “Bros Rotary Sno-Flyr Snow Blower

  1. Bob in nc

    There is a guy in Canada who has one if these on his 3b. It works good he said on cj3b page but if snow is wet it doesn’t work well.

  2. Matt

    That CJ5 pictured belongs to Brian Hainer. Aka Metalshaper on Youtube. It is currently undergoing a complete restoration. Many related videos can be found on his YouTube channel.

  3. David Eilers

    Thanks Matt. I should have added his name (just added a link to the post with his name).

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