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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jeeps

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Tremaine told me he recently visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters and Kentuk Knob homes. At one of the gift shops there was book of Wright’s car collection, as he owned roughly 85 different cars over his life time. The book noted that at he owned three different jeeps over the years: a 1946 CJ-2A, a 1948 CJ-2A ‘Lefty’, and a wagon. While I was unable to locate a pic of the wagon, there is a photo on a Barrett Jackson page showing Wright’s two CJ-2As amongst some Crosleys.


CREDIT: It appears the jeep in the foreground is a 1948 CJ-2A “Lefty”, which makes the jeep in the background the 1946 CJ-2A.


One comment on “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jeeps

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    “The car was part of his stance, his outward appearance as far as the world was concerned. It was a matter of his persona – how he looked, what he stood for – his artistic judgment. The cars he drove and the way he dressed were all part of a general picture of presenting himself and his work in the right light.”

    And he owned two CJ-2A’s and a Jeep wagon? Interesting.

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