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1962 FJ-3 **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,500.

A ran-when-parked FJ, but looks solid. This appeared in the Los Angeles area Craigslist, but the map shows it in Alexandria, while the plates are from Wyoming.

“Unrestored 1962 Jeep Fleetvan FJ-3.
Ran when parked, but it’s complete and comes with a clean title.
$12,500 or will consider reasonable offer.”

1962-fj3-la-01 1962-fj3-la-0 1962-fj3-la-1 1962-fj3-la-2

1962-fj3-la-3 1962-fj3-la-4


10 Comments on “1962 FJ-3 **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    Let’s do a reality check, A world pandemic and many out of work looking to earn a income, is anybody shopping for a over priced snow cone truck? I don’t think so. What amazes me is that fact that some still think there is a business opportunity and money to made in owning one. The Good Humor Corp. learned that lesson over 50 years ago.

  2. Mike p

    Where i live . The shaved icd buisness has done quite well during this time. There are 3 competing companies. One runs 8 trucks the other has 4. They just post on ljne where theylll be and people come to them. It amazes me how busy they are.

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