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NOS? 10-Spline Selectro Hubs Gonzales, CA $500

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These look like they’ve never been mounted. What’s most interesting to me is that associated docs, which affirm Selectro hubs were made by Husky products (there is a short discussion of Husky making Selectro hubs on this very long page). These documents would have been produced after 1972, as that was the Heavy Duty Selectro hubs were released.


selectro-hubs-docs03 selectro-hubs-docs02 selectro-hubs-docs0 selectro-hubs-docs1

selectro-hubs-docs2 selectro-hubs-docs3 selectro-hubs-docs4 selectro-hubs-docs5 selectro-hubs-docs6 selectro-hubs-docs7 selectro-hubs-docs8 selectro-hubs-docs9


2 Comments on “NOS? 10-Spline Selectro Hubs Gonzales, CA $500

  1. Bingo

    Holy Axle Shaft! I’ve an NOS, in da box set of Warn L05 hubs fer those early Land Rover II Series.
    Those snobs might pay double. Whilst in Jolly ol’ England, I saw a bumper sticker on a LR wutt said,
    “Land Rover Best 4x4xFar”

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