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Porter & Reed Hardtops

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Doug had a Porter & Reed Hardtop for sale a couple years ago. He took some great detail photos of it and it represents a classic example of the Full Econo-Body-Type “E” model, so I’ve included them all in case someone tries to restore one of these (I have higher res photos, too). For example, in Doug’s photos you can see the pull down sunshade and bracket on the driver’s side and just the bracket on the passenger side.

I’ve also included both brochures from the 10/1/1948 First Supplement of the Willys-Overland Special Equipment book (Besides full and half tops, Porter & Reed also manufactured bed extenders). (Learn additional info about the tops on the CJ-3B site)

The odd thing about Porter & Reed tops is that there were a multitude of variations, from no small side windows, to small side windows to larger side windows, or from a single back door window to dual back windows, and from rear doors that opened up vertically, to a couple that opened sideways, to a set of barn doors (custom)? There may have been a change in the doors as well, as a couple tops have angled bends at the lower front edge rather than the standard vertical bend where the body bends. What was factory and what was customized is likely lost to time ….

Some of these variations are evident in the Deluxe (Type “A”)  vs. Econo Body (Type “E”) full top models, but others are not. For example, the Deluxe model had a rear door that swung sideways, rectangular side windows with rounded corners, while the Econo model had a rear door that swung upwards and square side windows. Meanwhile, the deluxe half top (Half body — Type “B”) had a rear door that swung upwards, while the econo half top’s (Half Econo-Body–Type “H”) rear didn’t open at all.

You can see all the full and half top examples I have here: … I’ve also included a few at the end of this post.

Here’s the basic hardtop brochure:

1948-porter-reed-brochure-spec-equp-supplt1-2-lores 1948-porter-reed-brochure-spec-equp-supplt1-lores

Now for Doug’s ad:

“I have a full hard top for a CJ2A for sale. It’s in pretty good shape. It needs glass or plexiglass. $450, I am coming north on the east coast November 3rd, from Florida to New York, can help deliver”

porter-reed-hardtop-fl-0-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-1-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-lores

porter-reed-hardtop-fl-2-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-3-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-4-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-5-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-6-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-7-lores porter-reed-hardtop-fl-8-lores

Below are what appear to be factory photos of the Porter & Reed Full Body — Type “A” Deluxe Model:


Sorry for the picture quality. These photos were part of a 2018 ebay sale, so they are a snapshot of a snapshot of a snapshot. I don’t know why I didn’t go after this auction.

Here’s an in-the-wild example of the top from the photos above (from this post), except that the door opens on the opposite side??:


This example shows what is probably a Type “A” top some newer windows with gaskets (from this post):


This one has even larger windows (from this post):


This version has both barn doors and rear windows. It could be a customized top though (From this post):


This version has no side windows (from this post):




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