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Hand Crank Heater 796-A by Stewart Warner

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UPDATE:  Here’s a post of a Ypsilanti Machine and Tool Company Hand Crank Heater

UPDATE:  I’ve posted pics of Dennis’ hand crank heater here.  Here’s another from Nathalie.

UPDATE:  Here’s a video of a Stewart Warner Heater in action.

ORIGINAL POST:  I was at Josh’s when I spotted an odd device I didn’t recognize.  When I asked what it was used for, he explained it and then offered to send images of similar heaters along with a couple brochure images.  Cool stuff!



Pics of actual heaters on full post page ….







IMAGES of J.R.’s Hand Crank Heater:


70 Comments on “Hand Crank Heater 796-A by Stewart Warner

  1. Jim Stoddard

    Hi guys. I also have a model #796 w/o hose that I have never operated.It needs a new home. Make an offer. Ottawa ont. Thanks Jim

  2. deilers

    HI Jim,

    If you can’t find a buyer here, you might try a local military museum.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    – Dave

  3. deilers

    Hi Mike,

    I think potential buyers would be curious to know if it has the hose on it (which is one of the rarer pieces)? You can see what the hose looks like in the image at the top of this post.


    – Dave

  4. Michael Jermeay

    Last April I donated a 796 hand crank heater with hose to the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH. It was in excellent condition.

  5. David Eilers

    I’m sure those folks appreciated that Michael! It’s amazing how these keep popping up here and there.

  6. Gary Dirk

    I have two to these heaters that I bought i a lot purchase at an auction sale. Model – 796 A-1 Serial # 5001 & 5132. One is missing the crank handle and no hoses. I talked to the follow from an aviation Museum and he said they were used by the northern bush pilots in Canada to heat the engines in the winter time. They are both in good shape.

  7. Ken Slyke

    Hi Dave! Greetings from St Paul, Alberta! Guess what I just found on the weekend? Yep..a 796-A handcrank heater.Serial #642. I was unloading stuff at the local landfill and spotted it sitting off carefully to the side. Curiosity got the best of me and I took it home. Seems in good shape and nothing missing, but there is no hose. I haven’t tried to start it up yet. Being as we are just an hour away from Cold Lake Base, i wonder if it started out from there. Not too sure exactly what to do with it yet. Your ‘blog’ here is just about the only thing I’ve been able to find on it.

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Ken,

    Congrats! I guess it shouldn’t be too strange that several of these heaters have been found in Canada (must be something about it being cold up there maybe?). It’s amazing that someone would throw a complete one away! But then, I guess there isn’t a great deal of use for them, except as museum pieces or nice touches for a restoration.

    When I looked for information about these, I couldn’t find anything either, hence the reason I keep this blog post around.

    Thanks for the note and if you have any questions, feel free to list them here or email me at

    – Dave

  9. Jamie Balser

    I think I have No. 9 or is it 10. Stewart Warner 796-A-1′ Heater, Utility (hand Crank)’. I hope to have it on display at the Bantam Jeep Festival WWII display this Fathers day weekend.

  10. don miller

    I have a hand crank model 796-A stewart warner. I am missing the crank and spring and small cog and heater hose, or will buy complete unit. If you don’t have either.. I am looking for some kind of drawing or pictures. Please call 916-425-5239

  11. Ellen Story

    Cleaning out my father’s shop I have found a Stewart-Warner model 796 with the hose. Clearly i have no use for it. If anyone would like to make me an offer you can email me at

  12. David Eilers

    Thanks for the note Ellen. If you can’t find a buyer, you might see if a local military museum might be interested in it. Good luck!

    – Dave

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