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Malta National War Museum — Eisenhower’s Jeep “Husky”


In our continuing, virtually unending series on museums, comes the National War Museum in Malta.  This museum houses only one willys, but it is a rather famous Willys named “Husky”. Also, I’m usually pretty good with geography, but I had Malta (the isle of Malta that is) quite a bit west and didn’t remember it being an island!

According to this site, “This Willys Jeep was brought to Malta by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in July 1943. It was used by the Commander-In-Chief, Allied Forces, Mediterranean during his stay in Malta, preparatory to the invasion of Sicily. He named the jeep “Husky” after the code-name of that operation. Before crossing over to Sicily, General Eisenhower presented the jeep to Air Vice Marshall Sir Keith Park, Air Officer Commanding Malta. This jeep was subsequently used by Franklin D. Roosevelt when the American President visited Malta on December 8, 1943.”


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