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Overnight with Andy and Wallis

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On Sunday night, after our brush with the law at the NYC’s water reservoir, Ann and I stopped in the Catskills to spend the night with Andy and Wallis.  Andy has a few jeeps he wanted to share with me, but we got there too late to look around, so we went down to a local restaurant for a few drinks and some delicious dinner, before returning to the cabin.

Our nightcap for the evening was to watch an episode of Pan Am, because Andy had just sold a jeep to them for use in an episode of the show.  If you watch the episode, you can spot the M-38A1D (the identifier is its unique passenger side piece that runs around the top side rim along the rear of the body).  Here is an example of a stock M-38A1D.

Only a few minutes away from the that start of the tv show that featured the jeep, the power in the cabin suddenly shutdown.  There seemed no cause for the power outage.  We heard no wind, saw no rain, and experienced no weather problems at all.  Sure the power would come back on, said Andy and Wallis, just wait a few minutes.  So, we waited five minutes, then ten minutes, and longer.  While Wallis and Andy apologized, Ann and I were perfectly happy, as it was quiet and peaceful, with the flicker of candles and the fireplace firelight filling the rooms.  Eventually, we gave up  waiting for the power and went to the sleep.

In the middle of the night, power (and civilization) returned, with the tv and the lights powering on.  So, we shut down the lights and tv and went back to sleep.

The next morning Andy took us over to Terry’s Jeep Farm, a visit I highlighted yesterday. When we returned to his place, he showed me a few of his jeeps.  Below are a few pictures from the tour.  I’ve also included a link to the 11/13/2011 tv show of Pan Am.  Thanks to both Andy and Wallis for their hospitality!! (click on 11/13/2011 video)

Here’s Andy and I in his property cart, a really handy way to get around.

Here’s a nice original piece of Ford Windshield Glass

Based on feedback he has received, Andy believes this GPW had a top added during the Korean War by the motor pool to turn it into an Ambulance.  Andy had this for sale back in October, but it didn’t sell a the price Andy wanted.


2 Comments on “Overnight with Andy and Wallis

  1. mom

    Warning. The critic is about to criticize. I do think your writing was suffering because of over 24 hours of driving, but hey what the heck— I like to expect perfection from you. 🙂 Now, I am going to listen to your interview.

    Love, mom

  2. deilers

    Well, I think you were right. There were a few errors in this post, which I have corrected. I was a bit rummy most of the afternoon. But, after a night of good sleep I’m feeling mostly normal now!

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