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Custom Made Hunting Jeep (Jeepster?)

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UPDATE: II: Thie Buick shown below was featured in the Jan 1950 issue of Popular Science (pg 99)


UPDATE: Javier provided the following information. I guess there was some competition among the ranches? Below are two photos of other hunting vehicles.

He wrote, This is very similiar to one of the hunting cars used on the King Ranch. The Kenndy Ranch mentioned in the arcticle is adajcent to the King Ranch. Below is a picture of the car made for the King Ranch. (From this link to the University of Texas)


Here’s the hunting wagon from Texas featured on eWillys a couple years ago (seems I’ve deleted the original post related to it:


David Silberman forwarded this unusual photo from a rare April 1951 issue of Willys Salesbuilder. This one looks like it might have been build on a Jeepster platform.




From this same issue are these two parade float photos:



14 Comments on “Custom Made Hunting Jeep (Jeepster?)

  1. mmdeilers Post author


    Great photo! That’s a fascinating bit of history. I’ll include the info in the post.

    – Dave

  2. Javier Hinojosa

    I grew up down there. If you’re close the museum is worth the trip. You really need to take the Ranch tour. It’s pretty amazing to think the ranch is 825,000 acres. The spring is a good time to visit Texas. If you come this way let me know and I will let you know where the best BBQ spots are.


  3. Colin Peabody

    The top photo appears to show a 1949-50 DeSoto front end, rather than a Buick or are we talking about two separate hunting rigs here? The early Willys wagons in both two wheel drive and 4 wheel drive as well as the Jeepster all used a 104 inch wheelbase, som many of the parts could be interchanged. The Kennedy car appears to be on the 4×4 463 chassis with the rear fenders being Jeepster. The Jeepster actually used the rear fenders from the pickup trucks with the small skirt added to the top portion of the fenders. Neat history for sure!

  4. Paul

    I visited the LBJ ranch once and saw his cars. My favorite was a modified Model A Ford called the hunting car.

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