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UPDATE: A builder’s manual for the VEEPSTER has now been posted.

I’ve known about the VEEP Jeep Kit, from Hadley Engineering out of Costa Mesa, California, but I recently learned about two additional VW kit jeeps: The Veepster and the SCAMP. However, I’m still not clear what differentiates a VEEP from a SCAMP or a VEEPSTER.

The SCAMP VW KIT was built and sold out of Redding, California, in the early 70s. I found this ad at the website


Here’s a beautiful 1973 SCAMP (lots of pictures), but I couldn’t say if this is entire stock or not:


The VEEPSTER VW kit car was sold by VEEPSTER, LLC, out of Mesa, Arizona, according to Kit Car Guide. Curiously, a Czech Republic site and site show that a VEEPSTER VW Kit was sold by Sun Valley Autotech out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Here’s a builder’s and assembly manual for the VEEPSTER  by the Sun Valley Autotech company.

The following two pics from this site reportedly show a VEEPSTER.

veepster-front Veepsterrear

E-VEEPSTER: Meanwhile, there is a kit car seller out of Sedona that claimed in 2011 or 2012 to make an E-VEEPSTER. The company appears to have gone out of business. The body of the E-VEEPSTER looks more like a South African Gobex or Badger (especially the windshield) than a VEEP, SCAMP or VEEPSTER.

Here’s an ad from July 10, 2012 that was part of a sustainable business article from the Portland Business Journal:


You can see a very quick clip of a Veepster on Youtube:

According to Youtube, Venus Motors, Electric Car Options and Go Electric came together to build the e-Veepster. A CJ3A Jeep fiberglass replica with a chassis designed with aftermarket VW suspension and the Venus EV Drive System. Kits are available, assembly is available, who says EV’s aren’t available. Many styles to choose from but in Sedona, AZ this is Red Rock 1


The British Jago Geep
The South African Gobex
The South African Badger


4 Comments on “VEEP, VEEPSTERS and the SCAMP

  1. jwkeagle

    Not sure on the model-steel flatfender body w/soft top. sold as is had just bought a house & no time to play with it. wish I could find out where it went!

  2. David Eilers

    I’ve spent 12 years looking for my old jeep and still haven’t seen it. They can be hard to track!

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