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Hadley Engineering — The Veep

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UPDATE: Additional links — The Hadley Engineering Brochure and VEEPS vs. SCAMPS and other model.

Based on a reader’s inquiry, I decided to do some research regarding the Veep.  I’ve seen a few of these for sale over the past couple of years, but it doesn’t happen often and I really knew nothing about them. So, here’s the little bit I learned.

According to the Dune Buggy Archives, the Veep was sold as both a completed jeep and as a kit by Hadley Engineering, which was based at 1778 Monrovia, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (maybe they are still there).  The company claimed that any Beetle or Karman Ghia could be used to build a Veep in about 40 hours.

I’ve only seen two engine sizes so far, a 1600 cc or a 1800 cc VW motor.  The suspension, frame, and running gear is all VW.  Most of the veeps appear to use a replacement M-38 body, though one ad below claims a ’42 body (mb or gpw) was used.   The gas tank is mounted in the front, which simply looks odd when you open the hood.  Below is a couple brochures and some misc Veeps.  In the posts below are some additional Veeps.

I’m still hardly an expert on these, so if you have additional information, I’d love to learn more.








9 Comments on “Hadley Engineering — The Veep

  1. Kevin

    I’m sick enough with my Willys Wagon sickness without starting another illness…The Veep… Never heard of the vehicle, but the VW was an amazing vehicle.

  2. Mark

    I bet AMC or Chrysler had a fit when their trademarked grille was used on a copy. I would guess the Toledo lawyers were all over this one soon after it came out.

  3. deilers

    I haven’t run across anything that mentions the intellectual property issues Hadley Engineering had to overcome; however, I suspect they were simply buying after-market body kits and modifying them slightly, so I’m not sure how that changes the issue.

    While AMC/Chrysler probably owns the patent rights to create the grille (and likely licensed that right to a 3rd party manufacturer), I don’t see that they have actually trademarked the grille … well, at least not until around 2002 (

    I’d be very interested in learning more about why Hadley entered the market, whether they felt they were successful or not and why they left. My research has not yield much info so far.

    – Dave

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  6. David Eilers

    Hi Mike,
    Sorry for the delay in my response. Feel free to email pics and a description to me at … if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

    – Dave

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