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Customized VEEP

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Mike bought this VEEP in September of 2018 in Arizona. It ran, but had lots of surface rust on the paint. So, he blasted the body, rebuilt the engine (to 1915cc), redid the engine compartment, and added some other custom elements. His goal was to enter it in local car shows and, so far, he’s won four trophy’s with it. Nice work!

custom-veep1 custom-veep2 custom-veep3 custom-veep4

Here are some pics of the front end rebuild. As you can see the front needed a little attention . He moved the battery from under the drivers seat to the front and then used home flooring and aluminum molding to finish it off.








4 Comments on “Customized VEEP

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Where in Arizona? It would be cool to see this in person.
    Definitely looks trophy-worthy!
    Nice work :-).

  2. Mike Light

    Hi, Its in California. Came from Arizona when I bought it. and was original built in California.
    Mike L

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