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VEEP Brochure and Assembly Instructions

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Paul was kind enough to share this very rare Hadley Engineering VEEP brochure in the hopes that it helps the VEEP owners out there who struggle to find information about their vehicle. Below are photos of the basic brochure. I also have assembly instructions that I haven’t scanned yet. Great stuff! One unique item I hadn’t notice before was the stamped ‘VEEP’ in the hood. I’ve never seen that in any production VEEPs. If you ever run across a hood with VEEP stamped in it, I’d be interested to get some photos.










9 Comments on “VEEP Brochure and Assembly Instructions

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Bob, I can’t imagine there isn’t a kit or two somewhere out there. Whether it is a VEEP, or SCAMP or some other variety. It is a barn (or more likely warehouse) find waiting to happen.

    Mark, I imagine it was an outgrowth of the VW buggy craze. I don’t know how far reaching this craze was, but my unresearched impression is that this was a west coast of America craze. There were all kinds of VW body styles built, including the jeep. This site attempts to document many of them The father of a friend of mine built a really cool one that reminded me of a flat fender. It was fun to ride around in:

    There were non-jeep designs like this Empi

  2. Grant Guffey

    Well I just came across a Veep kit that was mostly assembled but never finished. I am trying to track down a copy of assembly instructions as I would like to finish this as close to original as possible.
    Grant 480-459-7800 Lake Havasu City, Az

  3. David Eilers


    I will double check what I have to see what specific instructions are with the brochures. I can email it to you if you’d like,

    – Dave

  4. Gideon de Swardt

    I had a conversation with a Veep owner in Port Elizabeth here in South Africa. The Veep use the standard Beetle floor pan. I have a Badger and to fit the Badger Jeep body, I have to shorten the Beetle pan with 420 millimeter.

  5. David Eilers

    Good to hear you got that figured out Gideon! I was supposed to be in SA at the end of July, but I suspect that won’t be happening given the state of the world.

  6. Gideon de Swardt

    I have an interesting update regarding Veep and Badger.
    Fibretech used to manufacture the Badger fiberglass bodies in South Africa. At last, I got hold of Mr Kobus Venter who used to be the owner of Fibretech back in the 1980’s. Had a good telephone conversation with him this evening.
    He first manufactured the Veep shells that fitted on a standard VW Beetle pan. For the Veep, you had to install a false / additional floor above the original floor. This floor was same height as the floor pan tube.
    He then changed the design to the Badger Jeep. On the Badger Jeep, you have to shorten the pan. Kit Car Centre used to be the biggest customer for the Veep and Badger. The sold it in kit car form as well as doing the actual build.

    Kobus sold the bussiness in the late 1990’s. The Veep and Badger moulds was eventually (apparently) sold to Kit Car Centre during the time of Rudi Malan. Due to (alleged) financial difficulty, Kit Car Centre closed down. All moulds ( Porche replicas, Lotus replicas etc) was sold to two gentlemen. It is believed that the moulds are in Kempton Park Johannesburg and the company that now have the moulds, still build for South African and export market. I will find out after the lock down period if this company have the moulds for the Veep and Badger.
    Unfortunately, Mr Venter does not have any drawings or technical specifications of the Veep and Badger any longer. There is a possibility that Mr Wynand Strydom that used to be branch manager at Kit Car Centre may have technical information. Hopefully I will be able to get hold of him this week. I hope to have more information by the end of this week.

  7. Evan Fraser

    Hey Gideon

    Did you manage to get the information on the availability of those kits here in SA?

    Keen to know…

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