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Perfect Weather for Biscuit Work

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On Monday I spent the day repairing Mom and Dad’s tractor mower, fixing Mom’s computer, getting the chainsaw and weed eater working, and more. Dad made sure I was doing everything right, as you can see in this photo.

dad-david-workingOn Tuesday I got a chance to work on Biscuit. I started by cleaning up the frame some more so that I could deciding how the engine, tranny and tc would be mounted. The T-18 I’m installing is a bit shorter than the automatic TH-350 I’m replacing, which is the reason for the redesign.


Here’s where I started today.

When I bolted the T-18 to the adapter to the Dana 20/18 (Dana 20 housing, Dana 18 gears) I discovered my custom mount is too tight against the T-18. So, I’m going to have to alter that.



Here’s the combo together (temporarily — I still need a clutch, pressure plate and some other items) so I could test it inside the frame.2014-05-13-biscuit-4



Oops, I forgot to remove the shifter.



I dropped the drive train into the frame. The first thing I discovered is that the bottom of the tranny just barely hits the undercarriage. So, I’ll have to work around that. Fortunately I can move everything forward a little.



Below you can see where the headers were installed. The motor sits quite a bit farther back. Fortunately, I had plenty of room between the cowl and the previous motor. 2014-05-13-biscuit-8

Tomorrow I will design the piece that supports the transmission/ transfer case in the rear (actually attaches to the adapter between the two). Then I’ll build the engine mounts if I have time.


2 Comments on “Perfect Weather for Biscuit Work

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, it’s great to see you getting to work on Lost Biscuit! Keep those updates coming 🙂
    BTW, will you have to modify the drive shafts?

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I’m trying to keep the transfer case in the same location so that I won’t have to modify the drive shafts. I completed the rear transmission mount tonight. My sister delivered some 3″ angle iron I will use to build the new engine mounts on Thursday.

    – Dave

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