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1946 Wagon Jeepney in Person Auction **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This Jeepney sold for $5700. Dave forwarded some additional photos.

“1946 Willys Jeep Station Wagon 463 model w/ L-134 Go-Devil Flathead four engine, Jeepster/Philippians Taxi; Auction: September 4th, 2014, Sanborn, MN”

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6 Comments on “1946 Wagon Jeepney in Person Auction **SOLD**

  1. CraigInPA

    That’s incredible. Not good, not bad, but certainly would be the crowd draw at any Jeep or Willys show. I wish it were closer, so I could see it in real life!

  2. John Hartman

    Those were the most ridiculous things I had ever seen, even after living with a Mexican girl for 8 years.

    But after Dave’s tutorial several months ago, I think they are sooooo cool. It’s about 6 hours from me the way I drive, and I have no where to park it indoors, but I am on vacation that week.

    If you owned one of these, I think people would hunt you down, and there would be fist fights over which float it will tow in the parade. I’m thinking I have to at least look at it.


  3. Joe in Mesa

    I hope you get it, John… or another eWillys reader so we can learn where it goes next, and know that it lives on. I saw vehicles just like this in Panama City Panama in 1981 and was amazed by them then. Interestingly, Afghanies (sp?) do this kind of modification to their trucks, too. We call them “Jingo Trucks”, in part because they often jingle with all the ornamentation.

  4. John Hartman

    Hi Justin, I went fishing instead. As I said, I have no room to store it indoors. But that seems cheap compared to what I recall researching when Dave’s feature exposed them to me.


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