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Day 51 – Mon. Jun. 1st: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

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A photo of the diligent photographer at rim’s edge fixing the camera (for me) at Warner Point.

Our destination today was Grand Junction, Colorado.


Today we drove from Gunnison, Colorado, to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Driving out of Gunnison this morning we spotted two jeeps right away, a CJ-3A in poor condition and a CJ-3B in drivable condition.

2015-06-01-cj3a-gunnison year-cj3b-gunnison1 year-cj3b-gunnison2

After the photos, we drove for Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, a place I’ve been wanting to go for ever since I lived in Utah (more than a decade ago).


Most of the accessible portions of the park are along the south rim. When entering the park, you can head west and explore the south rim, or drive east and head down to the river. We went west first, driving a short ways before reaching the visitor’s center. There’s a great, short walk to a canyon overlook.


The walk to the overlook.


Me trying to show the river flowing 2,000 feet below me.


I didn’t know she was photographing me.


The walk back up to the visitor’s center.

After the visitors center, we drove all the way to the farthest point, the parking lot for Warner Point. From there, we hiked nearly a mile to the Warner Point overlook. This was pretty hard on Ann, but she was determined to get there. Of course, by the time we arrived at the viewpoint, it started to lightly sprinkle (will we ever escape the rain???).




After our hike we drove back to take the road to the river. The road starts at 8,500 feet, winding downward at a 16% grade with many switchbacks, until it finally levels out at 6,500 feet. That road was awesome!! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a good photo of the descent.


We spend some time along the river, then decided it was time to continue our western trek towards Grand Junction. Along that we spotted this truck for sale in Montrose.

montrose-truck1 montrose-truck2

And then we spotted this vintage car dealer in Delta.

2015-06-01-delta-oldcars1 2015-06-01-delta-oldcars2


When we arrived in Grand Junction, we found a great price on a motel. We can tell it is June, as many of the cheap priced hotels are disappearing. We can’t afford to pay regular prices, so this is a sure sign it is time to go home!

On Tuesday we are going to attempt to find our way through the Book Cliff area of Utah. Should be fun!

<– Day 49-50 – May 30th-31st: Last Dollar & Madonna | TRIP OVERVIEW | Day 52 – Tue. Jun. 2nd: Navigating the Book Cliffs –>


5 Comments on “Day 51 – Mon. Jun. 1st: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

  1. craig

    Hi Dave…Being from New England, i’m not familiar with Black Canyon, but i have an interesting collection of fragile old black + white photos taken by Will Torrence during the 1900 Pelton Expedition…Titled a “A trip through the Black Canon” (yes, spelled ‘Canon’)…I wonder if the park has any of them on display…

  2. Minnesota Chris

    I like that deluxe top on that high hood. It’s a good thing you didn’t get disoriented and drop your camera over the canyon.

  3. Mom

    I bet Ann didnt go out on that view point. I can see where it must be a great site out there.
    I have never seen a vintage used car lot. Pretty impressive.

  4. Brian

    I’ve been to the canyon a number of times from the Crawford side. Hiked down in it one summer with a friend that lives there to go fishing. Some nice trout in that river. Didn’t think I was gonna make it out though. That trail was more of a mountain goat trail instead of a hiking trail.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Craig: I didn’t notice photos like you describe. They could have been in the video presentation that we didn’t watch. They sound like great photos.

    Chris: Had I dropped the camera in the canyon, I might have just jumped over after it. Or, Ann would have pushed me over after it!!

    Mom: She did bravely make it down there. She stayed away from the edge.

    Brian: I can believe it. Those are some steep sides.

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