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1954ish Instructions for Installing Winch

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This unusual document offers several pages of instructions for installing a crankshaft pulley powered “Jeep Winch” on a CJ-3B. It’s curious that the winch is not branded as part of the document, but I am guessing is a Braden winch?

1950s-cj3b-winch-installation-directions-lores1 1950s-cj3b-winch-installation-directions-lores2 1950s-cj3b-winch-installation-directions-lores3 1950s-cj3b-winch-installation-directions-lores4


One comment on “1954ish Instructions for Installing Winch

  1. Glennstin

    I’ve just got a CJ2A with a Ramsey Crankshaft Driven Winch. Not usable yet but I can’t see how you release the line tension with this setup. Anyone used one?

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