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Newgren Plow Brochures

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Barry asked about Newgren pull plows, so there are some examples that I have (I hope this is what you were seeking).

Newgren 16″ Single Bottom Plow

Scan10103-newgren-16-plow Scan10104-newgren-16-plowNewgren 16″ Lift Type Plow:


Newgren 12-14 Inch Double Bottom Lift Type Plow:Scan10053-newgren-lift-type-plow

Newgren Plow Bottom:
Scan10056-draft-plow-newgren Scan10057-draft-plow-newgren

Newgren 12-14 Inch Double Bottom Wheel Plow:Scan10058-newgren-wheeled-plow Scan10059-newgren-wheeled-plow


Newgren Hydraulically Controlled Scoop:Scan10067-newgren-scoop Scan10068-newgren-scoop


2 Comments on “Newgren Plow Brochures

  1. Barry Thomas

    Wow! This is like Christmas in July! So much fun (at least my idea of fun) stuff that I want to do a post at linked to here. Do you know the date of the Equipment Book? The above items don’t appear in the reproduction book I have for the 1946-1949 years. I would guess 1948.

    Thanks for taking the time to post these. I now know what I’m doing with the rest of my weekend.


  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’ll send an email with some more info. I dated the brochures at around 1947ish. It could be slightly later.

    – Dave

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