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1948 Montana Farmer-Stockman Jeep & Truck Ads

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UPDATE: I mistakenly list a September 1949 Ad as a September 1948 ad. I removed that, so now there are only seven ads on this post. 

Willys-Overland ran a series of Universal Jeep and Truck ads in the Montana Farmer-Stockman newspaper through 1948. The ads for the Universal Jeep focused on farming and ranching and appear most, but not all months (The paper is archived at the Library of Congress and appears to have been a bi-monthly publication). Below are seven ads I could find. In 1949, the number dropped to only 4 ads.

January 15, 1948:


No February Ad

March 15, 1948:


April 15, 1948:


May 15, 1948:


June 15, 1948:


No July Issue.

August 15, 1948:


No September Issue.

No October Issue.

November 15, 1948:


No December Issue.



7 Comments on “1948 Montana Farmer-Stockman Jeep & Truck Ads

  1. Barney Roos

    I see my 1948 model 4wd truck in the ad — could be the same one ? — Potomac gray — also my 1948 model 2wd stakebody — Luzon red — might be the same one ?

  2. Mike

    For many years, my father had a 1948 calendar hanging over his workbench in the basement, hung there for decades, it had a picture of the CJ2A pulling the cultivating implement as shown in the first picture, strange but true story, after he died in 1991, the calendar disappeared. I guess he took it with him. Another spooky post from, yes you guessed it, PIZZA MIKE

  3. Barry

    The ads show the Jeep plowing with a wheeled-plow via the draw bar (1945-46 picture), a Newgren lift (1946-47 picture) and a Monroe lift (1948) There are lots of examples of Willys recycling pictures.

    Thanks Dave. Really fun to see these ads together.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Some of these ads I hadn’t seen, so it was fun to find and record them. W-O ran a few ads in 1949, so once I get some time, I’ll produce a post on those, too.

    – Dave

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Doug: They probably won’t print out all that well, given they are copies of newsprint, and not the best copies at that.

    I’d be happy to share the hi-res images I have and you can try printing them. Or, you can download the high resolution PDFs using the link above each item. email me if you have questions (d @ … no spaces around the @)

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