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1946 CJ-2A Manchester, NH $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/12/2020) No description provided. I wonder how vintage that signage on the jeep is.



6 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Manchester, NH $7500

  1. Mike

    I like the lettering, the first thing that caught my eye. Although the signage looks vintage, I think this is modern vinyl lettering. my reasoning is, lines much too straight and crisp to be hand lettered. The Jeep itself does capture an old style look and feel of service station Jeeps of that era. VERY COOL INDEED.

  2. Roger S.

    Now that’s a heater blower! I’m not sure if I would want my fresh air being picked up under the hood. Maybe a scat tube attached, picking up air from the grill area instead.

    But I love the vintage old look! I agree, cool indeed!

  3. Mike

    I just noticed that even though this is Listed as being Manchester, New Hampshire, the Willys has New Jersey plates and lettering on door states, Whiting, NJ.

  4. Kurt in Renton

    With an area code in the phone number i would say the signage cant be too old.
    It’s working people are looking.

  5. Terry

    What’s this fascination with signage and lettering? I don’t get it, It’s just more crap you have to grind off, sand off or paint over if you buy the jeep .

  6. Mike

    I like the lettering, contrary to popular opinion, many of us like that “old School” look. Hand lettering with a brush and “One Shot” lettering enamel is something rarely seen these days, a lost art. Back in NJ, there were guys famous & in demand for their hand lettering, Bob Hammer & “MR.J’ just to name a few. These guys took their ques from masters of the art like Ed Roth. I still do hand lettering combined with air brush on my own vehicles, I think we all need to keep an open mind as to many forms of vehicle “restoration”, ( I use that word loosely ) and appearance. Not all of us want that Barret Jackson big bucks look.

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