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1956 DJ-3A Chula Vista, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $6800

(03/10/2014)  “This is an ALL original running unmolested 1956 dj3a jeep willys, paint wiring engine transmission gauges rims everything all original, 55000 miles, new water pump battery and master cylinder, original 12 volts system which works great, upholstery is original but needs tlc. This is a time capsule, stored for more than 35+ years, expect scratches here and there, rust is minute, largest area is about a quarter in size on the rear left side near the spare, nice camper which needs the 2 glasses (windows) that go each on each door, it has the original exhaust system but need minor TLC at the end of the pipe, Thank You.”

1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca2 1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca3 1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca4 1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca5

1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca6 1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca7 1956-dj3a-chulavista-ca8


10 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Chula Vista, CA **SOLD**

  1. Mark S.

    I believe this was the one for sale with pics showing it buried in garage. I don’t know if original seller pulled out of garage for pic, or if it sold and is up for resale?

  2. Dave Antram

    I like it, but have a hard time thinking they are anywhere close on their asking price given that it is only a 2 wheel drive Jeep and most folks aren’t after that when chasing a Jeep….

  3. Charles Tate

    I think it’s pretty awesome. First there’s just not a extraordinary amount of DJ’s left anymore anyway. Especially a time capsule like that one.

    In this example even the period accessories or mods?

    like the top, mirrors, and spotlight seem appropriate. When it was back in the ‘barn?’ it was found in it also had a chrome ring around the spare tire .

    I’ve been racking my brain but I can’t remember ever seeing a convertible body dj complete with low profile windshield and solid back panel

    (there’s not really more than a handful of them to see anyway)

    with a hard top option like that one.

    Truly, if I had the funds I’d try to negotiate some kind of price and buy it myself!

    I Wouldn’t care at all that’s it’s not four wheel drive. There’s ‘thousands’ of those still around and well….

    only a couple of these convertible bodies left in ANY condition

  4. Joe in Mesa

    Maybe I’m thinking alternators weren’t available yet in 1956. This 12 volt system still uses the generator.

  5. Glennstin

    WOW! That’s the 2nd lowest DJ3A S/N I’ve seen and with all the goodies: air cleaner, 60/40 seats/ nice body, correct wheels and more. Plenty of money on it, Who Knows?

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