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Edmund’s Dual Intake Fish Creek, WI $1850

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Al’s selling this rare Edmunds 2X1 intake manifold. If interested, contact him at (Was on eBay)

edmunds-dual-intake1 edmunds-dual-intake2 edmunds-dual-intake3



4 Comments on “Edmund’s Dual Intake Fish Creek, WI $1850

  1. Colin Peabody

    Both Dave and Mark C are correct, but the cool factor plus the rarity of the entire setup is worth it if you have a few bucks that you don’t want to give to Uncle Sam. If I had a Willys L 161 in my Jeepster instead of the Buick, I would have given myself an early Christmas present, and Al knows that! Al is who turned me on to the Hickey aluminum cylinder head that I have on my 1960 Surrey. That prompted the building of the dual intake manifold that is now in place on the L-134. Al didn’t have a dual intake that he was willing to part with when we did the one on the Surrey.

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