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Day 14 Aug 15: Beach Bums

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The crew spent the day driving and walking beaches; yep, they were pretty much beach bums. Good for them! Bill’s uncle is hosting them on his property on Prince Edward Island.

Below, Joe and Scott are enjoying the beaches:

2019-08-15-pei-day1-beach6 2019-08-15-pei-day1-beach4 2019-08-15-pei-day1-beach5


It even got warm enough to brave the water. On the left is Bill and on the right is Jim’s shadow.


Later on the crew got hungry. Jim was in heaven with his chocolate ice cream and Moosehead beer.


No evening along the beach would be complete without a blazing fire.
2019-08-15-pei-bonfire 2019-08-15-pei-sunset-moon-fire


I think the crew stays at least one more day on the island.

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