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A Brief Break From Remodeling Projects

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Shane’s on the left and Mr. eWillys is on the right of the pic.

My cousin and I took a break from painting, hanging ceiling lights, cleaning up her yard and more (oh so much more) to visit Shane just north of Richmond, Virginia, yesterday. He is a long-time reader who jeeped using 80s/90s jeeps, before jumping into the vintage market with a relatively cheap CJ-3A. He told us how surprised he was at how much he enjoyed driving the old rig. Unfortunately, the jeep was later stolen, but by then he was hooked. So, a little while later he bought his second vintage jeep, a 1942 GPW.

What appeared to be a GPW in good condition turned out to be a jeep with problems that Shane didn’t spot until he got it home (I think most of us can related to that at one time or another). At first Shane bought individual parts , but over time he started buying jeep projects from which he could get some parts. That led him to begin reselling MB and GPW parts.

Apart from the WWII jeeps, he’s acquired a CJ-6 project that he hopes to complete at some point. He also continues to look for WWII parts, including the following items (email him if you think he you have something he needs donovanshanemiller @ … no spaces around the @):

Top bow body brackets
Side grab handles
Two reflectors(Corcoran Brown bezel, Grotelite No. 100 lens)
Mirror and arm
Stamped pintle
Blackout light bulb assembly 
Axe head bottom bracket(4 hole)
One windshield to hood block
Oil can to firewall bracket
Spare tire carrier and foot
Skid plate

There were a couple of interesting tidbits that we learned from Shane. He explained that there are a lot of 1942 GPWs around the country, because a large number of them were shipped for early military training, while many of the Willys MBs went to North Africa. Anyone have further insights into this?

Additionally, we learned that there was a big auction of brand new, unissued surplus 1945 GPWs sold in 1946 out of Ohio by the military, so it isn’t uncommon to run across 1945s with 1946 titles and bills of sale in that region. Anyone else seen this pattern?

Thanks again to Shane for taking the time to show us his place. Here’s some photos of some of his jeeps:

2019-12-09-richmond-shane5 2019-12-09-richmond-shane4 2019-12-09-richmond-shane3 2019-12-09-richmond-shane1


13 Comments on “A Brief Break From Remodeling Projects

  1. Chuck

    His CJ3A was stolen? Bet you the foot starter had been replaced with a key start. I’m leaving mine in just for that reason; ‘theft deterrent’ and obviously the cool factor, lol.

    I have a complete intact MB engine with clutch and bell-housing, motor mounts, distributor, coil, wires, plugs, carburetor, generator, water pump, belt and fan. Only thing missing is the filters. (Has the MB # on the block and an F head). It’s been stored inside for who knows how many years. I’m fairly certain by looks of it that it will run just like it is. (just a guess).

    Here is my dilemma: I have a 1949 CJ3A that needs an engine. I have the original one but the previous owner let it sit in the rain for years without the head, so I found the this engine (MB) thinking it a direct bolt in. Found out the hard way that the bell-housing and clutch linkage were not compatible. Sure I could use the CJ3A bell-housing but one of the ears is broken off. (I can make a new one and braze it, but kinda don’t want to).

    So here is the deal: I’m sure some MB restoration guy would love this engine and kinda feel bad about putting it in a CJ. I was thinking about trading it for an original CJ3A engine of equal value if anyone is interested. If not, I’ll install it.

    Do you happen to have a early CJ3A bell-housing for sale?

  2. Prasantha Jayakody

    I am fairly new reader (just the past couple of months). I spent a few minutes every morning on the site between walking the dog and getting my daughter off to school before I get to work. I appreciate the 5-10 minutes of calm I get from the site every morning. Thanks

    I do have a newbie question – who is who in the photo?

  3. Craig/Vermont

    Chuck…I have a 3A motor, might work out a trade if you’re in the Northeast..I’m in Vermont…

  4. JohnfromSC

    Prasantha, in the photo Dave Eilers who is the marvelous originator of this site is on the right, his cousin whom he is visiting to the left.

  5. Chuck

    @ Craig in Vermont and Doug in Ohio;
    Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I’m in California.
    (“Unfortunately” in California, haha kinda of a double meaning there)
    Shipping two engines that far to trade might cost more than the engines.

  6. Greg Burke

    I knew an old farmer just down the road from me that said that bought a new, unissued MB in or near Columbus, Oh in 1946 at a surplus sale.
    He and a friend hitch hiked from Moundsville, WV and each bought a jeep. If I remember correctly, he paid around $700 for it.
    He said that they were complete with the box of tools and spare parts in the back.
    He showed me a picture of him and the MB taken sometime in the late 1940’s. Really nice older fella.
    Unfortunately, by the time I knew him the jeep had been gone for decades, and he passed away several years ago.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Don, why yes I have. I was floating between 205-212lbs for years … now around 190 with a target of 180-185, so nearly there!

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