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1965 FC-150 Glens Falls, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

Dan shared this project FC. It’s got some cool vintage lettering.

“Very good condition for 55 years old Original pto , 3rd owner . Originally A fire/ rescue truck , still have the water tank , & still have 4out of 5 of the holders that it filled for the firefighters to put a forest fire out The Briggs & Stratton that pumped the men’s backpacks full of water . Don’t have the backpack extinguishers though Ran great 2 years ago Started up today What’s it worth to someone ? I’ve had 20 years & it’s never been on the road since I’ve owned it Sold my mountain so no where to use it . Also have a plow for it”

1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny01 1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny0 1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny1 1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny2

1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny3 1965-fc150-glensfalls-ny4


5 Comments on “1965 FC-150 Glens Falls, NY **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    This one has been listed before, remembering commenting on the fact that it belonged to the fire dept. in Saddle River, NJ. Truly amazing that I remember when this FC was a Shiny red. On Sunday afternoons, my dad would take us for rides to Tice Farms in Woodcliff Lake, along the way we’d pass through Saddle River and keep an eye open for the FC. Going back to 1965, the 4 1/2 was always painted on the doors, my sister & I thought it was a cute joke in reference to the FC150’s small size.

  2. Mike

    in answer to your question, A BRUSH GUARD, with a winch and built in mount for the snow plow ram. Actually, I think it’s kinda cool, BIG PROTECTION, for a LITTLE FC150. Compare it to the little engine that said, “I think I can, I think I can.” The Saddle River Fire Dept. was all volunteer back then, I assume one of the members had some fun making it.

    If I were to buy this, and I’m temped, (Please Mike, don’t make him an offer he can’t refuse) I’d leave it just the way it is, love that old school hand lettering.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Nick,

    According to the Facebook Ad, this FC sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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