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Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys

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Bill, Kevin, Eric Penney, Cowboy, and Jim. We met Eric’s son Todd Penney in Fort Nelson in 2017.

Our intrepid Newfoundland crew spent the day meeting more folks and taking in the sights.

They started the morning at the break of dawn, hoping to see the first rays of sun to hit the North American continent. So, they drove to Cape Spear (A National Historic Site), the most eastern edge of Canada. However, Mother Nature fooled them, hiding the sun behind some clouds ….





2019-08-09-nl-sunrise4 2019-08-09-nl-sunrise3 2019-08-09-nl-sunrise5
After they returned to camp, Eric Penney, the father of Todd Penney, dropped by to visit. We first met Todd Penny in Fort Nelson, BC, at the end of our first day of the 2017 Alaska trip. He invited the Alaska Or Rust crew over to his auto shop (Dalex Auto Services) to meet some local townsfolk and enjoy some pizza. When Todd heard some of us were heading to Newfoundland, he made sure the crew had a chance to meet his father Eric. Meeting Coast to Coast Penneys is pretty cool! Any other Penney’s we need to meet, Todd?

2019-08-09-nl-dad-penney2 2019-08-09-nl-dad-penney3

After Eric, the crew’s next visitor was hunger, so they drove off in search of food. They found some at a seafood restaurant called Chafe’s Landing in Petty Harbour.

Now, this is where I have one big halibut of a bone to pick with the crew. What the heck is going on here? I’m seeing a lot of burgers and not so much seafood being eaten. At least, please tell me those are fish burgers?





After lunch, the crew explored Petty Harbor a little bit.

Eventually, the crew left their vehicles behind, strapped on some hiking boots, and hit a scenic trail. It looks like it was a beautiful hike.

2019-08-08-hike2 2019-08-08-hike3 2019-08-08-hike5 2019-08-08-hike6 2019-08-08-hike8

They even spotted a moose:


Eventually they reached the coast. Looks a lot like Maine’s coast to me.


When dinner time arrived, the group ate at camp. About that time, the rains came:


I don’t know if there were any plans after dinner. And, I don’t know what is planned for Saturday. But, whatever happens, I will hope for some sunnier weather!!

<–  Day 7 Aug 8th: Visiting St. John’s For The Halibut | Day 9 Aug 10: Primitive Camping –>


4 Comments on “Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys

  1. David Eilers Post author

    You have renewed my faith Bill!

    We and the Vidals had some moose/beef mixture that was delicious in Alaska. I think ground moose would benefit with some ground pork belly ground into it.

  2. Bill Johnson

    If the gang gets to Bishop Falls tell them to stop in to Chappy’s bar, have the tell Paul (the owner) that Bill Johnson sends him and his family a big hello

  3. JW

    Newfoundland has the best seafood I’ve ever eaten. I haven’t found better cod and lobster anywhere in the world. Newfoundland is a great place all around. Wonderful people and beautiful scenery. I love it up there. If you’re around St John’s and want to go out into the bay or have any adventures on the water, I recommend Rick Stanley and his team at Oceanquest Adventures. It’s been awhile since I’ve been up there, but Rick is great. He is deeply rooted there and has done a lot for Newfoundland. They certainly made our trip one to remember.

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