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Day 7 Aug 8th: Visiting St. John’s For The Halibut

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A photo of the highway from Argentia to Pippy Park, NL

After a 16-hour ferry ride (I finally received information on the correct length of the journey) Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the crew reached their destination: Newfoundland. It was a little wetter than expected.


When the Newfoundland crew awoke and strolled out onto the ferry deck on Thursday morning, it was a bit cloudy, but the views were still gorgeous.  Here are some photos:

2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-cj2a-ferry 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-cj2a-jim-boat2

Here’s a great shot of Kathy Jo, Joe, Jim and Kevin, on the ferry:


The crew landed and disembarked; the first indication that they’d landed in the right place was this huge welcome sign:


Jim looks pretty happy to be on dry land again!


Nearly two moose collisions a year? Careful out there folks!


After a short time of driving, It didn’t take long for the crew to run into a downpour. Jim recorded a video of the rain pounding his jeep and posted it to Facebook (but FB being FB, I couldn’t find the post after I initially saw it). At some point Jim learned that his trailer vent seals didn’t keep out the rain, so he expected things were going to be a little damp inside.

But no rain (nor sleet, nor dead of night) could stop our intrepid crew. Now, if there were some hot springs along the side of the road, well that would a whole different story; those folks couldn’t stop fast enough for Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia.

About two hours after they left the ferry, our heroes reached PIppy Park, their Shangri-La for the next two(?) days. Bill’s got his camp site all setup:


Joe Bee’s got his flag up and proudly waving:


Russ is drying out his trailer:


But the Ingrums showed how it is done. Water, sewer, electrical … they travel in style!2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-ingrum-trailer 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-ingrum-trailer-power

Once they were all setup, the crew invaded the beautiful city of St. John’s. Looks like they are ready for some Halibut.


Somehow, they got a sneak peak at a chef filleting a 100lb halibut, which the chef expects will feed 240 people.


Now, as a somewhat related, but totally self-serving bit of trivia, I used to work in seafood restaurants. One of our most popular dishes was the crab stuffed halibut with a lemon buerre blanc sauce. I still make it on occasion. So, grab a fresh halibut, invite my wife and I over, and I’ll whip some up for you …

Now I’m hungry.

Okay, back to our story. After those gluttons wolfed down their halibut, they took to the streets of St. John’s to take some pics:


2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-the-guys 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-town

2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-town3 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-town2 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-town4

Done with their brief tour and food, all the traveling and camping became too much for our beloved travelers. It’s the only way I can explain the following pics (hide your children):

2019-08-08-st-johns-sidewalk1 2019-08-08-st-johns-sidewalk3 2019-08-08-st-johns-sidewalk4 2019-08-08-st-johns-sidewalk5

Mistaken for vagrants,  the locals chased our crew out of town. So, they took to the mountains for a different look at Newfoundland, There, they found some beautiful scenery:

2019-08-08-newfoundland-view-joe-bee-pic1 2019-08-08-newfoundland-view-joe-bee-pic2 2019-08-08-newfoundland-view-joe-bee-pic4

I can’t say whether they got lost or not, but if they were lost (and we know it’s not like it never happens), I doubt this sign would have helped much:


Is that bottom sign pointing to Paris, France, or Paris, Illinois (home of the Ogles and Ingrums)?

Eventually, the group finished their evening of sightseeing and returned to camp. The night had turned cool, so they were able to enjoy a nice fire; that’s a great way to end the evening:


What’s the crew have planned for Friday? I haven’t a clue, so I will be as surprised as you all!

<–  Day 6 Aug 7th: New Found Land Ho! | Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys –>


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    Looks like they’re having fun, maybe I should put traveling there on my bucket list.



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