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Day 10 Aug 11: North Atlantic Cowboy

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Beach camping at Gander.

The crew spent the day doing some more exploring of Newfoundland. They began the morning on the beach at Gander Lake. It ended at Gros Morne National Park.


Another short driving day, with a wet drive from Gander to Gros Mourne National Park.

Gander Lake proved to be a beautiful place to begin the day.



While the beach is a romantic spot to camp, it’s not all that flat. So, Joe and Bill had to get creative with their equipment in order to have their beds passably level.



For reasons that remain unexplained, Cowboy decided to take a swim in the cold North Atlantic. Perhaps all the traveling had made him a bit ripe? Only his wife Donna can shed light on why he ended up in the water. Whatever helped him summon the courage to go for a swim, my hat is off to him (even though his hat is still on him). Go Cowboy!


Before leaving the beach, one or more folks did a little exploring:

2019-08-11-nf-day4-np2 2019-08-11-nf-day4-np3 2019-08-11-nf-day4-np4

With some fun and hiking behind them, the crew began their trek northwest. However, at least one member of the party didn’t want to leave the beach: Jim’s CJ-2A. You can see the video of Jim’s efforts to exit the beach on Facebook, along with his successful, final attempt.


Soon, everyone was lined up to begin the day’s caravan:


The initial part of the drive was beautiful, though cloudy. Here’s a shot photo from Bill:


Soon, the crew ran into a wall of moisture and cool temps of about 61 degrees. Perhaps they should have brought a boat?


Eventually, the crew ended their day at Gros Morne National Park, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park looks beautiful in the pics and has panoramic beaches, bogs, forests and cliffs.

However, what really seemed to matter was that Kevin could have a fire. I think we can all appreciate that. There’s nothing better than a nice warm fire on a cold evening:

2019-08-11-nf-day4-fire 2019-08-11-nf-day4-3

That’s all I have to report. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

<–  Day 9 Aug 10: Primitive Camping | Day 11 Aug 12: All Good Things Come to an End –>



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