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Day 11 Aug 12: All Good Things Come to an End

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Nice photo of the Ingrums on the left and the Ogles to the right.

On Monday, the crew began their morning in Gros Morne National Park. This was their last day in Newfoundland. Monday’s goal was to reach the shorter ferry (takes 6-8 hours), spend the night on it, then head, my guess is, toward Prince Edward Island early on Tuesday morning.


Here’s another look at Jim and Kevin’s camp spot:

Kevin really enjoyed the first. He was the fire tender. If he only had a Wilson soccer ball (it turns out you can buy these??), all would be complete.


Once they got goin, the crew found some beautiful scenery:

2019-08-12-last-day-5 4.2019-08-12-last-day-jpg

At a beautiful overlook, the crew stopped for a series of group and single photos with a picturesque bay in the background.







I’m not sure what Jim is doing in this first photo, but I think he’s been on the road too long. Bill has that look as if he’s going to really get Jim this time ….


Here, Bill explains the finer points of cumulus clouds to Scott and Kevin (okay, that might not be true, but it could be true).


Speaking of the road (which, in fact, I wasn’t talking about at all), it looks like the nice weather has clouded over now is heading for the ferry terminal: 2019-08-12-on-the-road-bill

And here they are at the ferry terminal:


They ought to arrive early in the morning to Nova Scotia.

<–  Day 10 Aug 11: North Atlantic Cowboy | Day 12 Aug 13: Alternator Blues –>


3 Comments on “Day 11 Aug 12: All Good Things Come to an End

  1. Ian of NS

    PEI, free together on but you pay to get off. Stanhope area of The island is nice for camping and the driving is easy. Lots of stuff nearby and Bill can have as many fires as he wants. More lobster to offer and red mud and sandy beaches. Whose going to buy the touristy Anneof Green gables hat with red hair? Like to know what time they expect to catch the caribou wood islands boat as I’m only forty minutes away on the N.S. side.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    As of Tuesday mid afternoon they are waiting to fix Joe Bee’s alternator. They were supposed to take a ferry across to PEI, so it’s not clear how the breakdown will affect their trip.

    – Dave

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