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  1. emily boles

    hello ewillys
    I was wondering about the transaction…e.g.
    purchasing a willys that’s on the west coast and mean while I’m on the east ???
    I known I will hire a transport to bring it across country ,
    but what I’m trying to figure out is ,the safest way to transfer the money and attain the title ?
    thankyou so much

  2. David Eilers


    There is no safe way without doing the transaction in person. Doing remote transactions requires a leap of faith in the seller. Based on what I’ve heard from readers, 99% of the time these transactions go well. That’s one reason to buy through eBay, as eBay has a protection program. http://pages.motors.ebay.com/buy/purchase-protection/

    About the best you can do is have a contract written and signed (a fancy bill of sale) that specifies what each party agrees to do as part of the transaction. That gives you some recourse in case the transaction doesn’t work as agreed.

    – Dave

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