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David Tracy’s 1948 Project is Ruining Him

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How many of us bought that first project flat fender knowing it would be an easy restoration. After all, they are such simple vehicles, right? Well, David Tracy got an introduction into the hazards of purchasing a “fixer-upper”. He documents some of his trials and tribulations on Jalopnick. It’s a reminder that when picking your first jeep, choose wisely!



9 Comments on “David Tracy’s 1948 Project is Ruining Him

  1. Gliii

    Don’t want to insult the guy, especially since he admits his error, several times, but damn!! He’s violated every rule for buying an old car there is. Times that by 3 for an old jeep. Starting front to back, bottom to top, it’s completely shot! But, at least he paid too much for it. I wish him luck, he’ll need it.

  2. Marty

    wow, I love how some here have never made a mistake buying a 60 plus year anything. Vechicle restoration projects take a big picture view and some money, if you don’t have either cut bait and move on.

  3. Lew

    Pretty sure my wife says the same things about me. “Old rust bucket fixer upper requiring more time, energy, and money than she has left”. So I feel for the guy.

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