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Five Piccolino Protypes and More for Sale

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In 2013, I posted the brochure below with note explaining that there wasn’t much known about these mini jeep-looking vehicles. Yesterday, Peter Furrer sent me an email yesterday explaining that he was the developer of the Piccolino and that his five prototypes and everything else related to them are for sale. He’ll only sell them as a package. His price is $100,000. If he can’t sell them by the fall, he plans on auctioning them.


Peter grew up in Switzerland. During his time in the Swiss Army in the 1950s, there were thousands of them. After completing his one year service, in 1958 Peter joined a crew of a filming expedition-team that went from Sao Paulo to the Amazon with 5 Jeeps and trailers. It took them 9 month to film the landscapes, animals and indios, people who had never seen white men before. Later, Peter became a commercial flight captain and did well as real estate broker.

In 1986, Japanese cars became very popular in Switzerland. There smaller size made navigating Switzerland’s narrow street easier. About then Peter’s love of Jeeps returned, but then he had a brainstorm. He decided to make half sized jeep-like vehicles to make parking frontside to sidewalks possible. Engineers in Paris, Switzerland and Italy designed the Piccolino to his specifications. In 1987, he showed them at the Geneva car-show, creating great interest with hundreds of reservations and dozens of dealer applications.

All he needed was the money to start mass production. In his search for money, a Thai businessman paid the airfreight to bring the 5 Piccolinos to the Bangkok car show. Again hundreds wanted to buy, but this time a military coup with tanks in the streets ended the effort and relations.

A Miami boat-show with 5 Piccolinos ended with TV coverage and in golf courses, as this would have been the only golf cart with street license. He feels they would have been great for golf-comunities.

In Detroit, he made it to the first floor of Lee Iacoca CEO building, but Lee would not see him. Later, his lawyers warned him never to call my Piccolino a Jeep!

Peter is now 81 and feels it is time to give up on his dream cars that he has cherished now for 20 years. He Will only sell them all together. He also hopes someone will donate a Piccolino to me, a very generous offer that I would readily accept, but certainly not necessary. If anyone has interest in this, feel free to privately email at and I’ll put you in touch with Peter.



9 Comments on “Five Piccolino Protypes and More for Sale

  1. kerry m

    from the one side view photo sort of looks like they mounted the muffler or trany about 3 inches off the ground without much reinforcement…. little hard to drive that off road, or even on a gravel road (or on a pot hole filler paved road.)

  2. merlin

    I cannot find any more about the Piccolino but I found another one made in Switzerland from 1980 to 1989 called the Diavolino. Looks like it had a 125cc engine. Similar in size and shape.

  3. peter furrer

    I am the owner of 5 new Piccolinos and developper. Never found massproducer, but Piccolinos
    have been exhibited in car Shows of Geneva, Bangkok, Miami, New York and Detroit.
    This multi-Million Dollar Investment is now stored in a Garage near Basel …..Swiss street licensed
    but no longer ready to drive as exhaust-limits have been changed. Any interested Party can buy the
    5 Piccolinos with 2 Trailers and lots of spare parts from me, for only Fr. 100 000.–.

    email if interested.

  4. Frank Knoben

    Does anyone know if and where these prototypes are sold to? I think i found one in the Netherlands

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