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No Updates Today

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No updates today. I got too busy yesterday with the race jeep. Sway bar is done. The gas tank frame and battery box frame will be done by end of day today. After that, on to the floor and cowl.

Also, last night, we agreed to get a pair of kittens from a friend who fosters cats. We will pick them up after they are spayed next week. Hopefully, that helps Lizzy, as she is still dragging around Tom’s toy and looking for him.



3 Comments on “No Updates Today

  1. Mike

    Happy to hear that these kitties will now have a loving home. They will supervise the work on the race Jeep I’m sure.

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Have you informed Lizzy that she is now outnumbered ???? Great looking pair of kittens. One of the best times at out home place over 20 yrs. ago was actually coming upon the chance to adopt four siblings. They were a joy for our aging mother and my younger brother who took care of them. Sadly……one by one they met a fate similar to Tom Cruise over the next 15 yrs., but they were a great joy during that time. Have fun

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