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1948 Truck Kansas City, Mo eBay

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Our top notch Israeli bureau spotted this sad looking truck.  This sure looks like a Last Ride parts vehicle to me.

“This truck is being sold as is we are looking for the title and may need to file for a lost title. Pick up only. The radiator is missing, I removed the spark plugs and will check to see if the pistons move, the gas tank has been removed and is in the bed, serial number is 4WD-44899 I believe that makes it a 1949 model.”

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Last Ride: Gerald’s Great Idea


Gerald sent some really sad pics to me with an idea … let’s create a “Last Ride” category. We’ve all seen one or more of these jeeps:  Something so rusty, so damaged, so modified, so mortifying that the grass is holding it up.

So, I’ll put up two posts tonight (courtesy of Gerald).  If you have some pics, see some pics, or save some pics, send them my direction and we’ll add them to.

Gerald writes, We bought this about 10 years ago and finally decided to pull it from the weeds.  We needed the rear axle.  The frame collapsed as I stood in the rotten drivers compartment to steer the wheels while being pulled by the tractor.  It was truely it’s last ride.  We will pick it over and save some stuff. Check out the shackle lift.



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Last Ride: 1970s Canadian Version of M-715


Gerald writes, Here is a 1970’s Canadian version of a M715.  These fell of a flatbed truck and sat for years until I got them.  They were a waste of time, but could not resist.



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Last Ride: An Old Jeepster


Gerald writes, Here is an old Jeepster I took apart back in 1980,  Nice plate floor…….and mini terra recaps I may add.


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Last Ride: 194? MB/GPW Mailbox — Secaucas, NJ

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1943_mb_secaucus2UPDATE:  I suspect this jeep is on it’s last ride. It’s now a mailbox.

A reader submitted this unusual find.  Yes, the seller of this old jeep somehow used it as a mailbox (I think the mailbox is on the back of the jeep), though technically I’d argue the jeep is more of a mailbox pole. While I firmly believe that the jeep has earned the reputation as one of the most modified vehicles in history, the use of a jeep as a mailbox pole is particularly rare.

“Willys jeep. Military, of about 1944. No engine, no trans, no papers, but lots of rust. For a long time I used this old jeep as a mail box; if you buy it, I won’t be getting bills anymore. For $400., you can be sure that your bills will find their way to your door.”

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1946 CJ-2A Column Shift Kempton, Pa eBay

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1946_cj2a_kemptonThere’s a good deal of junk here, but the opening bid is only $195, so maybe there’s some value.  I can see there’s the column shift parts at the very least.

“You are bidding on a 1946 JEEP WILLYS. 4 cylinder, 4 wheel drive low. Column shift, transmission & under gear is all there. Full radiator assembily w/shrowd. Floating hubs for front, starter. Overall condition is restorable. Willys OJ2A 32336. Jeep does not have title….”

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1947 CJ-2A Boaz, Al eBay

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This might be one of my favorite all-time body pictures.  Can you imagine what it took to damage the cowl and dashboard? The seller suggests you might need to get the body replaced, but I’m thinking the body is the best part.

“Serial number 109850. This jeep was built around 1947.  willys built around 240,000 of these jeep from 1945 until 1949.  the serial number of this jeep (109850) shows that it was built around 1947 according to production figures from the willys jeep homepage on the net. The jeep is complete, it runs very well and drives well also. the jeeps body is very rusty , with lots of damage. i would say that the body would need to be replaced;however, the engine, transmission, drivetrain is in good , operating condition. this jeep is in original conditon with all oringinal componets.”

View lots of pics at eBay1947_cj2a_boez

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Willys Rustbucket Pennsylvania $500

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This is one of the most rusted flat fenders I think I've ever seen.  Next, I noticed the rear PTO water pump, which was cool.  Then I noticed the solid back — no tailgate, yet the body doesn't look like a MB/GPW.  It's hard for me to believe that this jeep rusted so much while in storage. 

"Willys,4 x 4. NO TITLE. year unknown, needs complete resto. has drivetrain intact. rear water pump pto driven. was in storage for 25 years until last week…." 

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1946 CJ-2A Conway, Mass No Price

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The ad for this jeep is pretty funny.  Note the comment "No Rot".  Now, look at the pic — somewhere along the line there must have been some rot (unless that wooden box seat was a rare factory option)! 

"1946 willys jeep cj2a original 4 cylinder, twin stick transfer case, some sort of wood body from previous owner, runs strong, no rot call with any offer 413-231-4677"