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1947 CJ-2A Minnesota Status?


Was listed at $5700

This is a nicely modified CJ-2A called “Quick Change”.  The builder built a similar drive train to what I’m doing, except for using a 289 where I’m using a buick 3.8.  We even have the same rims.

“This is a jeep I picked up a while back. It has been trail riding since 1981 and has the little trail ride plates on the dash. It is a modded steel body with very little rust by some trail scars. Specs are:  1947CJ2a, Chevy 283 V8 (I was told this was a stroker…no way to prove it without dissasembly), Torker intake, Tall chevy aluminum valve covers, Edelbrock carb with the offroad needles and seats (works awesome off road)…..”


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