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My Build — More Engine fun …

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UPDATE June 21:   My second trip for bearings to the NAPA store was a failure.  They shipped me bearings that were wrong AGAIN!  I got my money back and went online to find bearings.  That was a failure as well as I couldn't get anything to ship sooner than July 7.  Desperate to do the build while the kids are here, I turned to autozone.  Amazingly, not only did they have the bearings in the store and in stock, but they were only $26 (for the same Clevite77 bearings NAPA was charging me $42).  Even better, I had earned $10 on my Autozone store card and  so the final cost for the bearings was only $17. —–

June 20th .. I was all ready to assemble the engine when I discovered the Main bearings didn't fit correctly.  After examining them more carefully, I discovered they didn't work at all.  The 'tang' was in the wrong location as was the oil hole.  

This morning, I took the bearings back to the NAPA store.  After a discovery process of about 20 minutes we finally concluded I got the correct bearing box, but the box had tractor bearings rather than buick v-6 bearings.  So, my new bearings should be here tomorrow morning.  Because of this, the engine build has been delayed until monday (when the kids are back). 


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