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My Build – Fender Update

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I made good progress over the weekend. As you can see, I was able to mount the fenders and take a few shots of the jeep with the fenders.  It will look good.

In order to fit the fenders, I had to make cutouts in the wheel wells for the headers.  But, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to fill around the headers.  So, I bought a little bit of stove pipe and used that as a form to wrap fiberglass around the headers.  

The last pic is the fenders with the new covers for the headers.  To match the rest of the underside of the body, I'm going to paint herculiner on the wheelwell of the fenders (which saves a bunch of finish work) and fill in the gaps and paint the top and inside of the headers.

Here are some pics below.


6 Comments on “My Build – Fender Update

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks .. yeah, I’ve only seen two sets for sale on craigslist in the past two years .. I’ve got both now 🙂

    Technically .. these are hurricane rims. The turbine have more and finer fins. You can see an example of these here … (hopefully this set will come back for sale). I’d like to find some old catalogs so I can better identify some of the older rims I’ve come across.

  2. Anonymous

    my dad has a set of those on his 74′ ford f100 right now they were the stock rims for a jeep so he took a dremel drill and shaved the centers of a bit just enough to where the center hole could clear the hubs

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