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My Build – Fans

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I went shopping at the junkyard today.  After a couple hours I came back with a steel fan and a flex fan (I couldn’t decided between them), a transmission cooler, some brake lines, and some other parts.  Yes, I had fun as usual and was only out $15.

I tried mounting the steel fan, but the bolt holes weren’t quite right.  I tried the flex fan and that will work, but I am worried about the integrity of it.  So, I decided to get online and learn more about fans.  One bit of info I ran across concerned horsepower vs. different types of fans.  Here’s the info from the site.

“Was reading the May 2000 ‘Car Craft’ and I came across something very interesting. They did a dyno test on a 496 horsepower chubby, {yes, I know — but we can still get some useful info on this…} and they tested different cooling fans to see what kind of drag each different type has.

Alternator, no fan: 496 hp
Black Magic electric fan:494 hp
Thermal clutch fan: 487 hp
Nonthermal clutch fan: 485 hp
Heavy duty thermal clutch fan: 476 hp
High performance flex fan: 476 hp
Stock four blade fan: 473 hp
Low profile flex fan: 466 hp
One piece plastic flex fan: 460 hp
OE replacement six blade rigid fan: 449 hp

They found the alternator alone, a 63 amp unit, only sucked 1 horsepower.”


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