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My Build — The Body is on the Frame

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I dropped the body on the frame last night.  Today, I spent the day building plugs to join the wiring together between the engine/frame and the body.  I also installed the light switch and turn signals (made out of m-38 dash lights), which means the lighting is completed except for getting the bezels for the front turn signals.

Though not shown in the above images, all the gauges are now connected, as are the alternator, distributor, and starter wiring.  The flex-plastic has been run around nearly all the wires (I have to pic up a little more at the junk yard).

My next step is to build the center consol that will have the ingition switch, acc switch, button starter, cigarette outlet (aka cell phone charger) a storage compartment, and 2 drink holders.  I still don’t have a final design for this, but am working through it.  I went back and forth about whether to install this, but I remember that not having a secure place to throw a wallet or other minor items was an issue.  Also, with the advent of cell phones, I’ll need to have a place that can hold it and where it can be charged.


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  1. deilers

    Those are called Hurricane Rims as I understand it. They are a 15″x10″ alloy/cast aluminum rim. They were on Jeeps and Ford trucks & vans. They are a cousin of the Turbine rim, which looks similar, but has many more smaller fins.

    I have another set of four that has black on the inside portion of the rim. They appear to be pretty rare (I have grabbed all the 8 of the rims I’ve seen near me during the past two years).

    – Dave

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