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30 Epic Failures at

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This list of 30 images of epic failures from was funny.  I’m sure we could all add a pic or two to this list.

“We’ve seen some pretty crappy DIY craftsmanship before, but these examples take the cake. What’s amazing is these DIY’ers know how to post on the internet, but not how to research.”

Here’s a couple images:




4 Comments on “30 Epic Failures at

  1. jeepin joe

    wow the keep and offroad community condemed lift 3 inch lift block in the front of 4×4 years ago I wonder how they fell about these rides . The safety concern must have been thrown off a cliff

  2. Mack Arch

    @ embreechristopher: I agree. Maybe the drivers just have really really long legs. I mean, REALLY long. Which suggests there might be an inverse relationship between leg length and cranial capacity.

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