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My Build — Engine and Charging System Connections


UPDATE 2: I’ve made a major adjustment to my basic wiring schematic.  This fixed my alternator issues and got my volt meter working correctly.

Major Changes:

  1. I corrected how I wired my Ford Starter Relay (aka Remote Starter Solenoid).  Basically, when the starter button is pushed, it ‘closes’ the connection in the Relay, which ignites the left side of the relay, in turn causing the starter to start the engine.
  2. While my schematic was actually correct, I had mis-wired my Delco 10si alternator because the wiring that came with my wiring harness caused me to mix up the sensing wiring and the field wire.  In my case, the sensing wiring is on the left and wired to the volt meter and the field wire plugs into the right and wired to the battery.
  3. I hadn’t added a power wire to the volt meter side.  I made sure the power wire was only powered up if the power switch was on, to reduce the chances of the batter getting drained.

final_schematic_wiring1Here’s some links I used to resolve my questions:


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